Cheeseberry was founded in 2006, when a young entrepreneur from Russia together with a chef from the USA decided to launch in Stavropol city the manufacture of a new und unknown dessert for the Russian market called “cheesecake”. The first cheesecakes were made with local cottage cheese. At the time, there were no analogues of the American cottage cream cheese in Russia. Initially there were only 10 employees in the company. They were people of different ages, interests and professions, but they were bound by a single idea – to create new but becoming very popular and trendy dessert. During the first two years, the young company named Jackie Style was producing up to 150 cheesecakes per day with five different flavors.

The second stage of development was marked with a full reconstruction and technical modernization of the factory, which included a purchase of new professional confectionery equipment: ovens, mixers, frozen cakes cutters, blast chillers and packaging machines.

At this point, the most significant event is a launch of cottage cream cheese production in accordance with the traditional American technology on unique innovative equipment. The leading specialists in dairy industry from Russia and the USA, as well as scientists from different universities, took part in development and customization of the new product. A unique product called “cream cheese Cheesberry” was created. It became the basis for all branded desserts. This new product allowed the company to reach the next development stage. At the same time, the company got its brand name - “Cheeseberry”, which is well known now for thousands of partners in Russia and abroad.

The product range of the new company began to increase. New cheesecakes recipes, adopted for Russian consumers, were developed. A production line for frozen cakes was launched. Soon the product range became popular and in-demand in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In different regions of the Russian Federation Cheeseberry trading houses were opened. Sales started on foreign markets such as Belarus, Kazakhstan and China.

2012 was another significant historic year for the company. It was related to capacity scale-up and innovative equipment launch: tunnel ovens, improved blast chillers, automated equipment for batching, dosing, cutting, packing and dessert decoration.

In 2016 Cheeseberry celebrates its 10th anniversary. Today Cheeseberry is a state-of-art factory, with modern production lines, own laboratories for microbiological, physicochemical and sensory monitoring of ingredients and products, trading houses and representative offices both domestically and internationally. The product range includes more than 50 desserts.

Due to modern technologies and state-of-art equipment, Cheeseberry desserts have pure taste and excellent quality. It allows the company to be a leader on Russian market of frozen desserts.